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January 24, 2019
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Industries That Require Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping

The world has become a smaller place after globalization. Business is not local anymore. Small towns are connected to big cities, and one country is connected to another. If a supplier manufactures a product in China, it gets transported to the US for being sold. With business so dynamic today, how can it function without expedited shipping?

When something needs to be shipped within a specific time, with absolutely no delays for whatever reason, it requires expedited shipping. As the name suggests, this is a type of domestic or international shipping that delivers shipments in a short time without any delays.

Expedited shipping is usually chosen for time-sensitive urgent requirements, and is often for more expensive than regular freight shipping.


Expedited shipping is not required by everyone. Regular truck load shipping is often quick enough for most deliveries. However, some industries require expedited shipping almost on a regular basis because of urgent, time-sensitive shipments.

Performance Plus Global provides expedited shipping services to the following Industries.

Manufacturing: When a vital machine or tool in your manufacturing unit needs a replacement, you are definitely in a hurry. Until you get the replacement you cannot resume production, and it delays the whole supply chain.

This is when you should get the machine or tool via expedited shipping. If you fail to deliver production within a given time, the market will be captured by your competitors. Expedited shipping greatly benefits the manufacturing industry.

Healthcare: Life-saving equipment often need to be shipped from one place to another, and cannot be delayed at any cost. Delay in the delivery of critical equipment can spell doom for a patient.

Besides, medical equipment often requires specialized conditions for transportation such as climate control and security features. This is regularly used by the healthcare industry.

Pharmaceuticals: Medicines often require the same urgency as the healthcare and medical equipment. They also require protection from impact as well as temperature control in transit. These features are only available in expedited shipping.

Seasonal supplies: From Halloween costumes to Christmas decorations, a whole industry thrives on these seasonal supplies. These aren’t available throughout the year, but before special occasions there’s huge competition in the market among different suppliers.

You have to ensure your products hit the shelves in time for the occasion, and you need to use expedited shipping to make that happen. Any delays will prevent your products from being available on time.


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