Freight Classes

Some common freight classes for the performance industry may include:

CommodityNMFC #Freight Class
Engines – in boxes or crates, released value not exceeding $5/lb.120800-0485
Transmissions or transmission parts1994085
Clutches or clutch discs1994085
Catalytic Converters5717085
Tires – pneumatic157230110
wheels – metal, other than iron or steel197592-0185
wheels – iron, steel or wood197592-0270
doors – truck or hinge type vehicle191680100
tool boxes or garage cabinets – steel3934070
fuel tanks – aluminum180860250
motorcycles or scooters – having a density less than 8pcf190290-01150
motorcycles or scooters – having a density of 8pcf or more190290-02100
axles – w/ moveable parts on skids17920-0385
axles – w/o moveable parts17920-0455
bumpers – aluminum18420-01175

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