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What Is Open Auto Transport Service?

Open Auto Transport

In the modern global logistics industry, open auto transport services are the most commonly preferred method to ship low-priced automobiles. Considering this, there is intense competition between various auto transport service providers – and at PPlus Global we guarantee you’ll get the best the industry has to offer. We go the extra mile to provide the best quality money can buy at competitive prices.

Open Auto Transport Benefits

Open auto transport means that your car will transport in an open environment, most likely on a ten-truck trailer (or similar trailer). Driveaway open auto service is an alternative method, where the car is driven directly to you. This is a great low-cost option for people who don’t mind some added mileage on their vehicle.

One of the primary advantages to choosing an open auto transport service is the fact that we can load several vehicles onto one truck, allowing us to dramatically reduce the cost of shipping your car – savings that we pass on to you.

PPLUS Service

Although we serve individuals and car collectors, a more common reason to use auto transport service is to deliver automobiles to dealerships. Dealerships prefer this method of shipping cars and trucks, as it’s generally the most cost effective method. This service is a win for both parties, as we maximize our efficiency, while our clients get the best prices possible.

We recommend exercising caution if you are wanting to ship a very delicate or high-cost automobile. Open auto transport rarely causes damage to vehicles, but it is certainly possible. If you do choose to ship an expensive vehicle, we encourage you to purchase insurance. Statistically speaking, the risk is very low for this to happen (less than 5%). The savings of using open auto transport generally compensate for those nearly non-existent risks.

Situations where you’ll need to consider utilizing a single level trailer or hotshot truck. These are if your automobile has very low clearance, large tires, or other modifications that might require special accommodations.

Regardless of your needs, we’re sure that PPlus Global offers the best open auto transport services available!


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