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January 22, 2019
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January 29, 2019

What is Performance Shipping?

Performance Shipping

With e-commerce a booming industry, it isn’t uncommon to have cars and other automobiles shipped from one place to another. You don’t have to go to a showroom to buy an automobile any longer; you can choose it online and make the payment to have it delivered to your house. Shipment of performance parts is called performance shipping. Performance Plus Global offers performance shipping for used and new performance parts.


But shipping automobiles and other automotive parts is different from shipping regular cargo. Not only are these performance parts more expensive than most other types of cargo but also require special conditions to be shipped in.


Pick and international shipping of performance parts is very common. For instance, if a replacement engine for your car is not available in your city you have to get it shipped from another location.

To make sure that the auto part we choose you and damaged you should choose performance shipping. Aside from engines, brakes, and drivetrains are also counted among performance parts.

Performance plus global is experienced in handling all types of performance parts shipping. From expedited shipping to truckload shipping the company offers various freight shipping solutions for regular and commercial needs.

Besides shipping, Performance Plus Global also offers insurance on all new and used performance parts.

Many people choose to avoid insurance when shipping parts because it is an additional cost. But when you are transporting expensive items like auto parts you need to make sure they are covered by insurance in case of any damage.

Keep in mind that performance shipping uses freight trucks. And as everyone is aware shipping by road has more challenges than air or rail shipping. That is why global logistics companies encourage customers to choose insurance on shipping to protect their valuable items.

Performance shipping insurance covers not only the item but also the packaging and crating. In case of any kind of loss in transit – from theft to natural calamities – the customer is covered against the expenses.

Dealing with Mother Nature

Not all international shipping companies regard natural calamities among the damages that are covered, but we do. If a hailstorm leaves a dent in your car or if your shipment is delayed because of rain, you are covered by shipping insurance.

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