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What is The Difference between Standard and Expedited Shipping?

Expedited Shipping

Have you ever encountered the dilemma on which shipping service to use and why? If you have, there are thousands of other retailers facing the same challenge. Essentially, buyers prefer to have their items within the least time possible. More so, they want the products shipped for free or at least at the lowest cost possible. This means that your shipping service of choice will have an impact on your customer satisfaction as well as your shipping costs.

Expedited Shipping Explained

Currently, there are several ways that people define and interpret expedited shipping. The whole point of using expedited shipping is to prioritize certain goods over others. However, there is a common misunderstanding with most people not being fully aware of what expedited shipping really means. To further complicate matters, the term “expedited” does not necessarily refer to the fastest shipping method. With the availability of same-day, next-morning, 1 day, 2 day and 3 day shipping, the “expedited” option could in fact take a little bit longer for the product to get to your customers. It is often assumed that fresh or fragile goods are the only ones that require expedited shipping. However, goods such as technology items, manufacturing materials and clothing accessories too need expedited delivery.

Tips for Sellers

Provide Several Options: There is no worse feeling for most buyers than feeling stuck. Most buyers will want to get a feeling that they have a freedom to choose. If you have expedited shipping, make it your preferred method or as an option for buyers. This will make your products more attractive since the customers are in control of their buying patterns.

Understand the Terms: It is incorrect to assume that “expedited” shipping always refers to the fastest method under their terms and conditions. “Expedited” is simply a level up from the standard and economy options especially in instances where same-day and overnight shipping is offered. Always communicate to the buyer about “expedited” shipping highlighting the requested timeframe, levels and costs of your shipper.

Communicate Clearly About Different Shipping Levels: Be sure to communicate to buyers about the difference between the standard, economy and expedited shipping. Highlight the benefits of each level, the costs and the expected delivery time frame.

Be Mindful of Customer Messages: Many customers use the term “expedited” when in actual, they are requesting the fastest standard option.  Conversely, the customer could also mean same day vs. next day.  It is important to understand customer expectations prior to offering the best options available to them.

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