Expedited Shipping
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November 14, 2018
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Top 4 Industries that Can Benefit from Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping

Over the years, expedited shipping has been used mostly for time-sensitive deliveries. While this logistical approach to delivery was used in emergency cases, it is increasingly becoming part of business operations in various industries that require frequent and time-sensitive deliveries. Whereas expedited shipping is used across many industries, there are a number of industries that gain the most from expedited shipping. This is based on the nature of their products that require speedy delivery. Below is a number of industries that are the main beneficiaries from expedited shipping.


In an industry where time is the main determinant of life and death, getting the medication on time is crucial. If you have a shipment of medicine that is already delayed, having it expedited is the most viable option. Delaying items such as medicine can reduce greatly the quality of care. In addition to reducing transit time, expedited delivery providers have additional features for goods on transit such as security features and temperature controls to keep all the medication safe and in perfect condition. This means that an effective carrier will deliver the medication on time while at the same time ensuring its safety and effectiveness.


When there is an urgent need for a replacement for your machinery, there is an urgent need for expedited shipping of the item required. Getting critical parts from the manufacturer to your business will ensure business continuity and ensure that there is no downtime or missed deadlines. In addition, delays that could prevent your product from getting into the market on time require expedited shipping. Remember, you are dealing with businesses with similar products in the market hence time is of the essence. When using expedited shipping, your product will be available in the market on time while your suppliers can deliver the raw materials required to your warehouse on time.


Most medical products are time sensitive. Most of them are also temperature sensitive meaning that they require efficient delivery using specialized transport means. This is because most equipment in the medical industry are emergency supplies that require fast delivery. Things used in procedures such as blood transfusion, organ transplant and lab tests require the least transit time and be stored in the appropriate condition. This can only be achieved using expedited shipping.


The seasonal industry deals with goods that only sell during certain periods of the year such as holiday-themed items. An expedited shipping provider will have your goods hitting store shelves during the period in which they are intended. Goods used for holidays such as Halloween and Christmas only sell during the week leading to the holidays. This means that your business cannot afford to wait for a long time before your goods are made available to the market.

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