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What Are Cost Effective Ways to Handle International Shipping?

International Shipping

Most entrepreneurs are always on a race to ensure that their businesses run profitably over time. The problem is that some people constantly ignore the nitty-gritties that ultimately eat into their profit margins. Shipping cost is a major challenge for retailers who have to balance between minimizing their cost and not passing additional cost to their customers as a result of high duties and taxes levied on international goods. Small businesses are the most affected by high shipping cost hence the need for effective strategies that reduce these costs. Below are some of the ways you can make international shipping cost effective.

Batch the Process as Much as Possible

Batch processing is an effective way in handling international shipping that saves you both time and money. Instead of sending out orders individually, you can ship them out in batches depending on the urgency as well as other factors that affect the delivery. Batch processing should begin from when you are packaging your products. Instead of having to make several trips to the store for packaging materials, buy everything in bulk and create some sort of assembly line at home to expedite on the packaging. Have a single stamp with your return address instead of having to write it on every package. Essentially, the more you batch, the more you save in terms of shipping cost and time.

Reduce Package Size

Today, most buyers are often reluctant to purchase products from oversees because of international shipping costs. However, such costs are actually passed onto the buyer by the retailer. The way you package your items can significantly reduce international shipping costs. The packaging should be done in such a way that buyers can consolidate their order with several other items that you offer as a retailer thereby maximizing on the volume and weight capacities at no extra cost.

Digitize Your Paperwork

If you are a regular international shipper, you need to rethink your strategies when it comes to paperwork, filing and record keeping. Manual paperwork and filing is a tedious process and given that you are probably a person with a tight schedule, hiring an extra pair of hands is the only viable option. Hiring additional manpower comes at a cost and will ultimately eat into your profit margins. To avoid this, utilize the digital space in terms of logistics management. There are several easy-to-use applications that can save you a great amount of time and money when shipping internationally. Going digital also saves you time-time that can be well utilized to concentrate on growing your business.

For international retailers, the success of your business depends on how much you spend on shipping cost. International shipping costs can be a nightmare for small retailers who have to leverage establishing themselves in the market and making a profit. Combining a few of the techniques outlined can significantly reduce your international shipping cost.

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