White-Glove Service Gives a Better Customer Experience in 2021
White-Glove Service Gives a Better Customer Experience in 2021
January 21, 2021
Congestion at North American Ports Affecting Logistics  
Congestion at North American Ports Affecting Logistics  
January 26, 2021

TMS Increases Efficiency and Productivity for all Freight Shipping

TMS Increases Efficiency and Productivity for all Freight Shipping

A transportation management system (TMS) is a tool that will help your business navigate more efficiently and will reduce overhead.  The software streamlines the freight shipping process and makes it easier for businesses to manage their transportation operations, whether it is national or international.  This platform will give your business operations a boost for a more efficient and productive 2021.

What is a Transportation Management System?

A transportation management system (TMS) is a logistics platform that is cloud-based and helps businesses plan, execute, and optimize the movement of both incoming and outgoing shipments.  TMS’s provide a solution for moving freight in all modes, as well as intermodal movements.  The software is not only functional but is easy to use and integrate into the workflow.

Improvement of Operational Efficiency

A TMS system will specifically increase operational efficiency as it allows you to optimize resources for shipments.  The software lets you book carriers, find paperwork, and detail all the necessary requirements to get the shipment to its destination.

The TMS software also documents each shipment, giving valuable insights into the transportation process, costs, and success rate.  Thus, by using the software it allows your company to make data-driven decisions to improve productivity and your bottom line.  The dashboard gives a complete picture of your operations.

Data tracking and analysis are a key component for any shipping plan, the platform aids in determining what aspects worked and which ones will need adjusting.

Reduces Time and Money

Using TMS’s your business will see an improvement in operational efficiency by making data-driven decisions.  The results will be significant cost savings.  A TMS will also reduce the amount of time spent on the shipping procedure as it automates the workflow and reduces the paper processes.  By having a TMS, it eliminates unnecessary hardware expenses.

Simply enter the origin and destination zip codes, the commodity info, add any accessorial services, and you get an accurate quote.  The quote will give you the list of carrier options with pricing and transit times.  Say goodbye to inaccurate quotes and transit times.

Enhances Customer Service

By having a TMS system it will support your customer service efforts.  One benefit is by providing transparent and accessible tracking.

The data that a TMS provides helps monitor individual shipments, invoices, orders, and customer data.  The platform streamlines the entire process, thus making it move faster and smoother, which customers will appreciate.

PPLUS Clients Gain the Benefits

PPLUS Global offers transportation management software to all of its clients free of cost.  The system can specifically be customized and branded for your individual company.  TMS’s have been named one of the top three tools in the shipping and logistics industry, the “Travelocity of Freight”.  Do not let your company get left behind this year.  Contact PPLUS Global to enhance your company’s logistics today!



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