Freight Claim Tips for Shippers
Freight Claim Tips for Shippers
December 22, 2020
TMS Increases Efficiency and Productivity for all Freight Shipping
TMS Increases Efficiency and Productivity for all Freight Shipping
January 26, 2021

White-Glove Service Gives a Better Customer Experience in 2021

White-Glove Service Gives a Better Customer Experience in 2021

White glove delivery service offers a superior level of care and attention to valuable, fragile, and climate-sensitive items.  Standard shipping gets items from the origin to destination, and the customer takes it from there.  However, white-glove service handles the item once it reaches the destination by unpacking and setting up the items.  The opportunities are expanding for last-mile and white-glove service, whether your client base is businesses or consumers.

What is Last Mile and White-Glove Service?

The last mile in delivery is when the goods go from a transportation hub to their final delivery destination.  Last-mile provides a faster delivery than traditional shipping methods.

White glove service is an additional option to last-mile by taking the customer experience to the next level.  White glove takes the delivery beyond the front door and starts with preparing a shipment.  The shipments may require a climate-controlled trailer, blanket-wrapping, or special handling procedures, it all gets handled.

Delivery can include curbside, garage, or inside a home or office delivery and positioning where the item goes.  The item can be unpackaged, minor assembly, and debris removal.

White-Glove Service In Action

There are many businesses that find white-glove service to be the perfect addition to what they provide for clients.

Art galleries often utilize white-glove service as they want customers to get the artwork in the exact condition it was when it left the gallery.

Furniture delivery is another area where white-glove service makes sense, whether it is a business or home environment, the items need to be set up in place and delivered with extreme care.  Interior designers find that it is a great solution for client’s projects.

Contractors and builders often use white-glove services for the delivery of expensive materials, like marble countertops and custom fireplaces.

White-Glove Services: B2B

2020 saw a slowdown in white-glove deliveries to businesses, as employees were working remotely due to lockdowns.  As more companies are embracing remote work, the opportunity for companies to have technology and workspace equipment delivered with white-glove service.

White glove delivery services will see an increase within B2B, particularly in the medical industry this year.  As needs are rising and people beginning to resume in-person visits.  Labs, dental, and medical offices are going to be in need of deliveries that go beyond the doorstep.

White-Glove Services: B2C

According to recent sales and revenue reports, COVID-19 drove an increase in eCommerce sales in 2020.  In addition to small items being purchased online, consumers are purchasing large ticket items like furniture, televisions, and appliances.  The increase in larger, more valuable items is the opportunity for improving the customer experience.  White glove service will indeed make a loyal customer.

PPLUS Global Has the Resources to Improve Your Customer Service

When coordinating last mile and white glove services, you need to work with an experienced logistics provider.  PPLUS Global Logistics has the resources to get you the best solution for your logistical needs.  With over 75 years of combined service, they have created turnkey solutions for a number of industries and will give you “best in class service”.  Contact them today!

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