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What are the Logistics in Shipping a Piano?

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Pianos are sensitive, expensive pieces of equipment. Moving a piano takes extreme care and caution both for the piano, you and your house.  The weight of the piano can be anywhere from 250 pounds to 1,000 pounds. Pianos are deceiving as they are heavy and awkward.  Yet inside they have over 100 small delicate parts that are sensitive to movement and fluctuations in temperature. Moving a piano is an art form from the lifting, wrapping, container, moving, humidity, truck or ship. This is why you need a global logistics company.

Preparing for Shipping

Having information ready before you began logistics for shipping your piano will aid you in getting the most accurate information.  When speaking with a shipping and global logistics company, know the model, make, size, and dimensions.  Also, let them know if it is an upright or grand.

The destination, whether it is across country or international, will impact the timeline, fees and determine if it is to be Truck, Air or Ocean Freight.  The distance and the special care that will be required will also impact fees.

Crating a Piano

A piano must be carefully packed and wrapped in padding. Ship the piano in a crate that does not allow moisture in.

Strap the piano to a skid board. Which is bolted to a platform to make sure that it does not move during shipping.  A skid board is a solid wood board covered in canvas with secure straps.  The crate will then seal the piano in place.  Pack any space between the piano and the crate with packing material so that there is absolutely no movement.

International Global Logistics Company

Is the piano being shipped internationally?  If so, there are several factors that you need to be aware of.  The piano fee is either assessed by weight or volume.  The ideal assessment for you is volume as the weight will make the quote substantially more.

Also, be sure that you are working with a company that will be able to give you the dates of departure and arrival. Plus the container number.

Inquire about the import duties and taxes once the piano reaches the final destination.  These fees depend on the government regulations of the country that you are shipping to.

Ivory Considerations

Due to federal regulations, importing and exporting of pianos with ivory keys is very tricky.  In the United States, the piano industry went to plastic versus ivory key coverings.  By the 1980s, European piano makers went the same way.  No new pianos contain ivory.  However, if your piano is a family heirloom then that is a discussion to have with your shipping company.  As they should know all the regulations and solutions to your piano’s shipping needs.

A piano may be a family heirloom that is invaluable or a gift or your prize possession.  No matter what the situation is, having a trusted shipping and global logistics company is a good idea.

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