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Is Your Company Effectively Managing Your Shipping and Receiving Costs?

performance shipping

Your clients expect to get their delivery on time and safe and sound.  Speeding up your performance shipping process can improve efficiency so you can meet your business goals.

To ensure that your customers remain satisfied with your service as a business provider you must provide an excellent source of shipping – shipping processes will make your bottom line.

A place to start is with a list of what aspects of shipping are working and what parts are not working.  And then you can determine a shipping solution which will also help your bottom line.

Start with the Communication within your warehouse

If you are not making that most of your warehouse and shipping operations, you may be missing your chance to increase profit margins.

Having the ability to have quick communication with your warehouse is essential in maintaining fast delivery.  The faster the order can be processed in the warehouse, the better it will manage your in-house stock.  Having a system in place will also make scheduling employees and if there is an influx in orders that the management of them is timely.

Automation can streamline the process and ensure for proper policy.

Choosing a Shipment Method

Evaluate your performance shipping method whether its land, air or sea.  The key factors in choosing should be based on service type, cost, speed, reliability and overall customer experience.

Two other options in trying to streamline the shipping and reduce costs.

Drop shipping is a method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to the manufacturer who then ships the goods.

Batch Processing is a way to handle international shipping in an efficient manner.  It allows you to select more than one order and process them.

Preparing the correct documentation

Having your goods fly through customs without any issues or the risk of being held up will help in assuring that your bottom line exceeds goals.

It can be a long process if not done correctly.  Understanding the type of forms, you will need in international shipping such as U.S. Certificate of Origin, NAFTA Certificate of Origin, U.S. Shipper’s Export Declaration.

Visibility in Freight Performance Shipping

Visibility at its simplest is knowing where your shipments are, when they are going to arrive and being able to identify potential delays in the projected arrival time.  The way to manage it is really in being able to be proactive and not reactive.

Freight visibility not only aids in better customer service but also in penalties and fines for missing shipping windows.  Customers expect fast and low shipping costs.

Simplifying your performance shipping process both maximizes your monetary line and it will ensure a happy customer so that your business will receive more orders later in the future.

What you may realize is that there if no “one size fits all” solution for your company.  That is why it is so important to work with an experienced global performance logistics company to get all of your shipping needs within a budget and in an efficient manner.

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