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Are You Guilty of These Fatal Performance Shipping Flaws

Performance Shipping

High Performance Shipping is a required part of selling online, and successful online retailers understand that shipping is more than simply sending a package. It’s also about creating a thrilling experience for the recipient, which can increase future sales.

Using expedited performance shipping services for timely delivery, proper packaging, and preventing shipping issues are all part of the puzzle. This can be complicated at times as you navigate shipping price, packaging, and returns. This list can help you avoid these fatal shipping flaws.


Guesstimating costs can be a costly practice. Even when you are in a hurry because of a last second job, you don’t need to guess packaging and shipping costs. There are lots of cost calculators, and other tools that can help you find the correct price.

Select the Wrong Packaging

Size is an important factor to consider when you are shipping. Inappropriate packaging can hurt your bottom line, and leave the customer wondering where their package is. It’s critical to have the right taping, the proper fill, and the right size box.

Mismanaging Returns

An ineffective return policy is the mark of an amateur operation. If your policy isn’t clear, or underdeveloped, you could be turning customers away. A proper return policy can keep you and your customers accountable, and create an air of trust between you.

Not Taking Advantage of Automation

Automation can increase efficiency, encourage proper policy, and streamline your entire process. Human error accounts for the majority of problems associated with shipping. Automation can help reduce the human error factor and allow your customer to track their orders.

Failing to Engage With Your Customers

Giving your customers options can improve their experience, and create loyal customers. Give them a full set of features that improve their lives. PPLUS has a wealth of knowledge on customer engagement, and can help you deliver a tailored customer experience to your clients.

Improper Use of Data

When you manufacture or obtain products, you look at the numbers. Improper assumptions on size, weight and packing, for instance – can slow down the efficiency of your operations. Using big data effectively, and having a good database will help companies grow their organizations, while cutting down costs.

Missing the Chance to Drop Ship

Drop shipping is a good way to lower costs related to time and labor. Many times you can create a better value for the customer as well if you ship directly from the manufacturer, or wholesaler.

Trying to Do Everything Yourself

As you start to see success, you may need to outsource the logistics to a company that specializes in that area. Find out about the PPLUS advantage and how we can help you with all your performance shipping needs, so you can focus on your business processes.

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