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Shipping a Car Kit with Expedited Shipping Services

Expedited Shipping Services

These tips will help you ship anything from shock absorbents and engines to car stereos and glass windows. Follow them to learn how to ensure that your products arrive in the condition your customers expect with expedited shipping services.

1. Repackaging Your Shipment

When you are shipping items that arrived on a pallet, you may be inclined to stick on a new label and ship it as is. While you might be able to get away with that, it’s often better to give the package a thorough inspection first.

Packages that work for items on a pallet may not be strong enough for the expedited shipping services that you are choosing. Consider all of the damage that may occur when the package is moving. Make sure you have appropriate padding and filler.

2. Preparing Your Parts for Shipping

You’d be surprised how many people send out boxes stained with oil or saturated with water. Make sure that your parts are dry and clean so they don’t leak. You can fully disassemble anything that may need extra cleaning.

3. Choose the Right Box or Container

Select a box that is strong enough to support the weight of your parts. It’s a good choice to use single, double, or even triple corrugated boxes that are properly rated for your shipment. On most boxes – the weight limit is printed on the bottom flaps for freight shipments.

Spiral shaped parts like coil springs, and pipes can be put into mailing tubes. Include the proper filler at the top and bottom of the tube. Double box larger, more fragile items such as glass windows for extra protection.

4. Prepare Tires and Metal Items to Ship Without Boxes

Boxes provide the best protection for things like exhaust pipes, tires, windows, and other irregular shaped materials. But many items can be shipped without a box if they are packaged properly, as long as they are within the parcel size limit.

  • Tires – wrap in cardboard so they are not causing any jams during shipment. Put the label on the part of the cardboard that covers the tread, and tape the label for the best expedited shipping.
  • Bare Metal Items – secure them with corrugated cardboard, to protect yourself from sharp edges. So, tightly wrap with the surface of the metal with plastic wrap to protect it from scratches and dents.

Use the Appropriate Filler

With sufficient filler, you can prevent any rustling around or movement in the box. Some popular options for lighter weight items are air pillow packaging, packing peanuts, and kraft paper. These are great for things like home decor, but they won’t do for heavy auto parts with sharp edges.

For heavier items, you can use engineering foam, spray foam, or foam in place. Electronic items can be packaged with anti-static packing peanuts along with bubble wrap to protect from damage.

Also, we can help you ship your items hassle free, at the best rates! So, contact us to learn more about our expedited shipping services.

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