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What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed Auto Transport

When it comes to shipping your vehicle over a long distance by freight, it is definitely worrying for the shipper. Cars are usually expensive and useful items, and even a slight damage can lead to exorbitant repair costs.

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Global logistics companies usually have a number of shipping options for automobiles. These methods ensure safe and timely delivery of your automobile to its destination. Some options are more expensive than others but also offer greater safety and reliability.

Of course the type of shipping method will depend on the type of automobile that you want to ship. Shipping a luxury car or a pickup truck is more challenging than shipping a motorcycle, so you must choose your options accordingly.

There are two types of auto transport: enclosed auto transport and open auto transport. The latter is most common, accounting for 95 percent of automobile shipping.

Two methods of Enclosed Auto Transport

The difference between these two options is evident from the name: open auto transport ships in an open carrier that’s exposed to the elements while enclosed auto transport uses a closed carrier protected from the elements.

Enclosed auto transport is counted among premium transport services, mostly used for highly expensive luxury vehicles.

For instance, when a customer purchases an Aston Martin worth a few billion dollars and wants to have it shipped to a different location, enclosed auto transport will be used to ensure that this highly expensive vehicle remains intact in transit. There is no way an open carrier will be used to transport an expensive vehicle.

If you are fond of collecting vintage vehicles, and choose to have one of them transported to a different location, you will definitely choose an enclosed carrier to provide maximum protection to your beloved car.

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This can make a customer wonder if open auto transport is unsafe. There is no definite answer to this question because an open carrier exposes the vehicle to the elements and anything can happen on the way. In most cases open auto transport is safe and the shipment arrives undamaged to the destination.

But if you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle, you can request an enclosed career for its transportation. However enclosed carriers can be very expensive and might also not be available with all international shipping companies.

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