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Why Shipping Insurance Matters

Shipping Insurance

When you ship something by truck, train, or air, you can never be sure of what will happen to the package until it reaches its destination safely. Whether you run a business or need to send something to someone in a different country, the freight you ship is always valuable. But things can always go wrong in transit, leading to loss of valuable cargo. That is why you should purchase shipping insurance before transporting freight.

How to choose shipping insurance?

Almost every global logistics company offers shipping insurance. But you should make sure that the insurance offers what you need. Some of things to look for are:

When you ship an automobile or any automotive part, it’s called performance shipping. While all companies offer insurance on new parts, very few offer to insure old or used parts. When purchasing a shipping insurance, make sure even old or used automotive parts are insured.

The company should also provide all-risk coverage. This means that the insurance should cover all kinds of damages, from loss to theft to natural disasters.

The cost of packaging and crating must also be included in the coverage. If it isn’t, then the company has to reimburse the customer. In the same way, extra costs should either be covered or be reimbursed to the customer.

Performance Plus Global Shipping

Performance Plus Global is a leading logistics and transportation company that provides all of the above benefits to the shipper. The benefits of insurance coverage don’t just apply to international shipping. Even local and domestic shipping require insurance coverage because you can never predict the fate of the cargo.

Regardless of whether the transit is short or long, anything might happen on the way. That is why carriers always recommend the purchase of shipping insurance, particularly when the cargo is expensive.

At Performance Plus Global, all kinds of shipping have insurance coverage. Whether you are shipping performance parts like engines or sending time-sensitive and urgent packages using expedited shipping, all shipments can get insurance coverage.

We have door to door all risk coverage that includes the packing as well as all additional costs.

Performance Plus Global handles all sorts of freight

Performance Plus is a shipping and global logistics company that handles all your freight needs, from shipping to insurance, at a reasonable rate and with full transparency. PPlus Global deals in both domestic and international shipping for both regular and overweight freight.

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