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January 1, 2019
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A Guide to Trade Show Shipping

Trade Show Shipping

One of the best ways to promote a business is attending a trade show. By showcasing your products and helping people understand your business, you can easily increase visibility. But shipping your products to and from a trade show is different from normal cargo.

Avoiding the d word: delays

You need a global performance logistics company to handle the careful planning and preparation it takes to have the shipment reach the venue on time.

Performance Plus Global is a logistics and shipping company that specializes in international freight shipping. You can trust that your trade show shipment will be handled with the greatest precision and care.

Tips for trade show shipping:

  • When sending a shipment for a trade show, convention, or exhibition, it’s best to plan ahead, so you can ship in advance. This prevents last minute delays and other unexpected problems.
  • For smooth delivery of the shipment, you should provide the performance shipping company with the name of the trade show and your booth number.
  • It’s up to the sender to label each handling unit of the shipment to help the carrier determine the right shipment and avoid delays.

Why Choose Performance Plus Global For Trade Show Shipping

Your shipment can make or break your trade show experience. Imagine reaching the convention to realize that your shipment hasn’t arrived. It would be a disaster. Therefore, the right DHL shipping company should be chosen for quick and efficient delivery of your trade show shipment.

There are certain advantages that come only with a reputed international shipping company. One of the biggest benefit of choosing Performance Plus Global is being able to track your shipment in real time. Also, you always get to know the location of your shipment.

Another advantage is that you get to save money when the international freight shipping company picks up, ships, and also stores your items in a warehouse outside the trade show hours.

Performance Plus Global is also flexible with shipping solutions. With years of experience in trade show shipping, Performance Plus Global provides innovative solutions for all your shipping needs to make sure your shipment reaches the destination without any delays or hassles.

Whether you have trade show shipping needs or other requirements, get in touch with the logistics experts at Performance Plus Global to discuss your needs.

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