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December 26, 2018
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Understanding The Different Types of Freight Shipping

Freight Shipping

Every person at some point needs to send and receive items to and from other states or countries, whether they are business owners or regular individuals. With online shopping popular all over the world, the volume of freight cargo that’s shipped from one place to another every single day only keeps growing. Whether you run a business or want to send items over a long distance, it helps to understand the freight processes that the shipments go through as they travel one location to another. What is often confusing is the different types of freight shipping. When you’re trying to send a package from your location to a long distance, which type of shipping should you choose? Aside from the types of freight shipping, you also have to know about international shipping services, costs, and different rules and regulations pertaining to freight.

Types of Freight Shipping

Different types of freight are transported accordingly. Big, heavy packages need more care than smaller packages. The cost of shipping services also varies according to the size and weight of the package.

The different types of freight shipping are:

Truckload. This is an effective transportation option for a large volume of cargo. Although an expensive option, truckload shipping is often chosen when goods are big and overweight, or call for special amenities like flatbeds or climate control.

Less than Truckload (LTL). For regular cargo transportation, this is the most cost effective option. Here, different types of cargo are shipped together by truck to and from one location to another.

Air Freight. This is the fastest transportation option, usually for international or expedited shipments. But air freight can also often be less expensive than LTL depending upon the cargo.

Rail freight. This is an environment-friendly transportation option that also saves money. Shipping cargo by train is faster and also more cost effective than truck freight.

Expedited Freigh. A more expensive option, expedited freight is for time-sensitive packages, in a truck moving at a very high speed. Expedited freight reaches the destination in a much shorter time than regular freight trucks.

Performance Plus Global Freight Shipping

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