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September 5, 2018
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Problems of Performance Shipping & Steps to Overcome Them

Performance Shipping

Performance shipping is indispensable to the shipping of products and focuses more on the materials used for packing shippable goods in order to ensure their protection from weather conditions and/or rough handling while in transit.

Any logistics professional, who is callous of his performance shipping responsibilities, could end up with damaged goods and increased costs because of replacements that he will have to make later on.

However, even with efficient shippers, certain problems crop up from time to time, often for reasons beyond their control.

How is performance shipping negatively affected?

The tracking number is not working: It often happens that tracking numbers, an inextricable part of performance shipping, takes time to get activated because the shipment misses the initial scan at the carrier’s sorting facility.

It gets activated during in-transit scans happening at multiple points during the transit phase. However, if the package doesn’t get delivered even if it has passed the delivery window, the problem may be reported and sorted out.

Customers refuse to cough up customs duties: In certain cases, in performance shipping, shipments are left abandoned because the receiver refuses to pay the cost for return shipping, particularly when the returning cost exceeds the product’s value.

Lost orders: If an order is lost in transit, you immediately need to file a claim with your shipper’s account interface. Nearly all private carriers usually include insurance for shipping on orders up to certain limits. It’s for you to report the problem by referring the particular order number, should the shipment be lost.

Damaged goods and performance shipping: Often due to faulty packaging or rough handling during transit, goods delivered may turn out to be severely damaged.

The sender must, therefore, immediately file his claim on the shipper’s account interface, which will be covered by the carrier’s shipping insurance up to a certain amount. Don’t forget to mention the order number when lodging the complaint.

Invalid destination address: Even though all shipping addresses are verified through both national and international USPS databases, it may so happen that the destination address may turn out to be invalid. These addresses are generally put on hold for verification.

It’s for the shipper to contact his customer to ask for the correct address or even an alternative location for shipping the order. Should the client insist that the address is correct, it may be forced to pay an additional cost and/or through a separate carrier.

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