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How to Choose the Right Official Shipper

Given the availability of a large number of shippers in today’s logistics market, locating the most appropriate official shipper may turn out to be a tedious and time taking task.

After all, your official shipper takes the major responsibility of reaching your goods to the right people at the right time. Should he or she fail, it’s your business that’s going to take the rap and you will end up with an eroded bottom line.

Top qualities of an official shipper

So, here’s what you need to first check before selecting your official shipper.

How reliable is your prospective official shipper: Reliability is the first thing that you need to check when selecting your official shipper. This ensures full surety that your shipper will deliver your goods on time and without problems.

This is why people prefer the most well-known shippers who already have goodwill and a sound reputation in the market for their reliability, transparency, honesty, and ethical operations.

Affordability: For those who send goods internationally, affordability of the official shipper is of vital importance as international shipping costs are usually high. Therefore, those shippers charging exorbitantly high fees are best avoided. Do an online comparative study of the freight forwarding charges taken by the leading shipping services and then take a call on the one you can afford best.

How customer oriented is the official shipper: All stellar international shipping companies have earned their name because of their dedication to providing their customers with the maximum amount of satisfaction.

So, if you hire one such as your official shipper, a highly satisfactory service is guaranteed, and you don’t need to micro-manage the process at all.

Is the shipper licensed, certified and insured: Always make it a point to thoroughly check out the prospective official shipper’s licenses, certificates, and insurance coverage before selecting him.

Otherwise, you could run into serious problems later on and there will moreover, be no guarantees on your goods getting safely delivered either. On top of this, any shipper that doesn’t offer the appropriate insurance coverage for goods damaged, lost or stolen in transit is best avoided.

How strong is his global network: Finally, you need to check if your official shipper is capable of delivering goods anywhere in the world.

Therefore, those shippers who have been in the industry for a while usually have established and strong global networks. Choose one such if you are into international shipping, provided its rates are reasonable.


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