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April 9, 2018
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April 13, 2018

Providing Shipping for Food E-Commerce

You know how to make food. You know how to sell food. You’ve been able to build a business doing these two things, but growing that business demands new skills – you need to know how to ship food. Take too much time figuring this out, and you’ll barely have any time to make and sell food anymore. Don’t take enough time figuring this out and you’ll have unhappy customers because orders are delayed, and shipping estimates are missed. What do you do? You work with a company that can provide food shipping logistics.


How to Ship Food


Successful food businesses grow because they offer foods that other companies don’t. They mix creativity and quality. They grow because they carve their own space out in an already over-packed industry. Yet as creative and as good as you are when it comes to carving this niche out and building demand, you still need to get your food into the hands of customers.


The demands for shipping food are incredibly high. You’re shipping items that are fragile and perishable. You need to design packages that are durable to withstand the rigors of handling, yet light enough to not increase shipping fees. You need to build a database of customers and a way of encouraging them to be repeat customers. You need to keep on innovating new recipes and faster ways of producing them. That all comes before you’ve even shipped the food itself.


What Grows Your Business?


Now you need to figure out shipping laws, shipping codes, how to ship different amounts, who to work with for the best service. You have to learn accounting for shipping and find a way to track shipments. There are also the shipments that you need to get – the supply line so that you always have the kitchen equipment, supplies, and ingredients you need.


When you have to be a baker, a manager, a database expert, an accountant, a logistics department, and a shipping company all in one, you can begin to see why so many businesses fail in their first year. The ones that do succeed look to delegate what they can to qualified experts.


You can set aside the food shipping logistics, the supply line, and accounting for shipping by relying upon a logistics company like ourselves. We handle that for businesses so the people who drive them can focus on their strengths. If you’re the baker who built your business from the ground up, are you best serving that business by managing your kitchen staff, or by managing logistics. Trust specialists to provide the services that allow you to focus on your strengths.