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Shipping for 3D Printing Companies

Businesses that adopt and drive the use of new technologies often see demand start to boom in their first few years. 3D printing is one such industry. Across the board, from large scale industrial printing to small-scale bespoke printing, 3D printing companies are finding themselves with a new challenge. Logistics for 3D printing companies is an increasing demand. So how do you handle it?


Logistics for 3D Printing Companies


It depends on the size of your company. Most 3D printing companies aren’t large enough to justify their own in-house logistics department. This makes shipping for 3D companies more work than it needs to be. Because so many new entrepreneurs are involved in these companies, they’re not necessarily familiar with logistics tools where they can find advantage.


Contract logistics for 3D printing companies enable these businesses to focus on their strengths: design, prototyping, and communication with their customers. For many businesses, interrupting their passion to figure out complex shipping rules hampers their ability to grow. It takes time to wrap your head around many shipping requirements for so many unique products.


Focus on Your Strengths


The time you spend worrying about shipping, makes you miss time-sensitive opportunities. You have to let them pass because you don’t know if something you’re shipping might qualify as hazardous, or because you don’t understand some customs law. Instead of designing, printing, and revising iterations of your customers’ concepts, you’re on the phone trying to ensure a shipment doesn’t get hung up because you misunderstood a shipping regulation.


Shipping for 3D printing companies can be easier than this. The more time you spend on these aspects of your business, the less time you’re spending on the aspects that you can capably drive forward. That’s why you work with a logistics company that can take the burden of organizing your shipping off your shoulders. We can even establish a supply line to ensure that you always have the materials you most need.


You’re a specialist in 3D printing, not truck shipping and air freight and international customs laws. Focus on what builds your business, and we can make the other parts easy. This lets you manage your time more easily, have confidence in your customers getting their products quickly, and maybe even get an occasional night of good sleep while you build your business to grow in the years to come.