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March 5, 2018
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Shipping for the Aerospace Industry

Whether it’s shipping aircraft parts for maintenance and repair, or design and development, you must have a shipping company that fulfills a number of complex needs. It also must be able to react to changing circumstances. It has to have the experience as a global shipper that can anticipate and react to changing customs law and new opportunities in creating transport chains just for you. Here are the corners you can never cut when shipping aircraft parts:


Customs Experience: You need someone who knows and studies customs law – a global shipper who’s dealt with the ins and outs of many countries’ regulations. You don’t want a detail left blank resulting in your expensive part sitting in stir for a month. That’s the kind of mistake an inexperienced shipping company makes, which is why you need one that’s done this kind of shipping extensively.


Proven Experience: You also need someone who’s reliably shipped a range of complex mechanical parts before. They need experience in following the law to the letter on parts like this so that there are no unexpected delays. They also need to be able to treat your parts with the same care in handling that you practice.


Time-Sensitive Adjustments: You need a dedicated, regular solution that can anticipate and react to your needs. You need to be able to switch shipments to expedited delivery at the drop of a hat. This is the nature of the aerospace industry. Projects and deadlines are accelerated unexpectedly, and you need a shipping company that can mirror this acceleration without skipping a beat.


Tracking & Transport Chains: You then need to be able to track and monitor the progress of your shipments. That doesn’t just mean plugging a number into a website and seeing what hub it’s at sometime today. That means an estimated time of arrival, the ability to estimate other legs of the journey. That means being able to talk to someone about the entire transport chain.


Unique Considerations: Sometimes you ship something of unexpected size, or that requires a host of extra handling and transport considerations. You need a company that’s flexible and experienced enough to take this in stride.


Performance Plus Global Logistics can assure you of all these needs and more. Performance Plus has experience shipping aircraft parts and other complex mechanical parts around the world. We’re know customs, anticipate needs, know and adhere to laws around the world so that delays can be avoided, handle all parts with care and precision, and create bespoke transport chains for the businesses with whom we work.