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March 2, 2018
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March 7, 2018

Shipping for Australia’s Great Racing Scene

Australia has a healthy and thriving professional driving scene. Motorsport is popular there, whether it’s with performance cars, motorcycles, or off-road vehicles. This is the land of Mad Max, after all. Shipping performance parts to Australia is handled with care. They’ll get beat up during the races, so we want them to get there in perfect, pristine condition.


Australia’s Oldest Race


The oldest motor race in Australia is a rally race called the Alpine Rally. It’s been around since 1921. Australia was in the midst of a tourism and immigration boom. It was developing one of its southernmost provinces, Victoria, and wanted to draw visitors there. The race was initially conceived as a way of testing the endurance of both drivers and cars. It continued to evolve as racing evolved, first into a navigational challenge, and then into a speed trial.


Today, the Alpine Rally hold an intriguing set of rules. The cars that race have to be 25 years or older in make. Yes, that’s the cars, not the drivers. It’s a blind rally in the spirit of the original race and its unique challenges draw competitors from across the world.


Shipping Safely and Swiftly


That’s an interesting part of Australian racing history, but obviously most races today feature the most cutting-edge technologies. Shipping performance parts to Australia can be done easily and without hassle, but when shipping to Australia for races we urge you to work with a company that’s done it all before.


We’ve shipped performance and antique cars across the world for races, events, sales, auctions. We even keep track of the teams we ship for, rooting for them and celebrating their victories. We’ve had a special interest in shipping vehicles and parts safely and swiftly around the world. We take great pride and joy in being able to contribute to the sport across continents, cultures, and languages, whether shipping to Australia or anywhere else in the world.