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February 12, 2018
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How to Ship a Kayak

There are a number of ways to ship a kayak. The first thing you should know is that this isn’t something that will ship well by FedEx, UPS, or any shipping company that usually deals in smaller packages. They’ll consider the cargo oversized and it will cost you much more money than you thought it would.


Which Shipper?


Similarly, shipping by the U.S. Postal Service isn’t realistic. The postal service is ideal for shipping small packages that are only a few pounds in weight. Shipping something the size and weight of a kayak will cost you too much.


Go with a shipping company such as PPlus Global that deals in moving larger crated items and parts. You can choose from multiple options here. It’s best to ship your kayak in a box or crate. A whitewater kayak can be shipped in a box measuring 9 feet by 25 inches by 2 feet.


Packing a Kayak


How do you pack a kayak? Kayaks are made strong, so you don’t have to pack the inside the way you would a more fragile hollow shipment – such as a guitar or a vase. Nonetheless, it won’t hurt to pack the inside, and we would recommend packing it with foam that can help reinforce it. It really shouldn’t take long and it’s worth taking the extra step.


Ensure that the box is marked fragile and that we know it shouldn’t be stacked when shipping. The one thing you don’t want is any weight applied. By being clear about what the shipment is, and through labeling, there should be no worry.


We recommend wrapping the kayak in bubble wrap. This helps protect the outer layer. If the outside of the kayak is bumping against the box or crate itself, this can scuff it or cause some damage. With bubble wrap, there’s a layer between kayak and box wall, giving a buffer that protects your boat. You can use electrical or duct tape to secure the bubble wrap. Taping at a regular interval can help reinforce the padding. Use shipping tape or filament tape to tape any box, though – electrical tape will not stick well to cardboard.


When you receive the kayak, make sure you inspect it before signing the bill of lading. This protects you against signing off on damage you haven’t seen.


Overall, it’s pretty easy to pack a kayak. If you have any questions about how to ship a kayak and about the cost, we’re happy to answer.