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Air vs. Ocean When Shipping a Car

You’re shipping a car. Do you want the car shipped quickly or is cost your priority? Depending on the mode of transportation, it can be there almost immediately, or it can take weeks.


Air vs. Ocean


You can fly it to your destination quickly via air freight, or have it transported more slowly via road or ocean (depending where you’re shipping your car). How do you balance these things?


Firstly, look at your schedule. Do you have the time to ship it in a manner that could take weeks (ocean), or is it too much hassle and stress? There are various modes of shipping by air that take mere days. You can have it there in two or three days, or a week – depending on your need.


The other element you have to consider with ocean shipping is transshipping. While you may save on cost, transshipping means your car will visit multiple ports before finally getting to its destination. This approach is cheap, but also very timely.


Roll-on…or Container?


There’s also the method of transportation. Roll-on, roll-off when shipping your car is inexpensive, but your car will be exposed to the elements. It will be secured and braced. It won’t have waves crashing over it or anything that dramatic, but it can still be exposed to moisture and grit.


Transporting your car within a container is safer for it. It will protect the vehicle no matter how long or short its journey. Again, this adds some cost, but it’s highly recommended. By shipping this way, you don’t have to deal with needing anything buffed out at a foreign destination.


Route Options


Another factor for shipping a car overseas has to do with the best route. Many shippers will only give you the closest port – yet if you’re shipping your car to China from New York, they’ll suggest shipping it from New York. It’s actually faster – and you’ll get better pricing – transporting it to California first and then shipping it from there.


This kind of transport chaining is offered to businesses regularly, but shipping companies will sometimes neglect offering it to individuals. This is why we focus on transport chains that can create efficiency and open new opportunities for saving money without sacrificing speed.