Tips to Avoiding Missed Pickups
Tips to Avoiding Missed Pickups
September 9, 2021
Current Shipping Considerations for the Holiday Season
Current Shipping Considerations for the Holiday Season
November 2, 2021

Best Practices for Trade Show Shipping

Best Practices for Trade Show Shipping

Trade show season is a big time for both logistics and the trade show vendors themselves.  Since it can be hard to get all of the details together, here are some consideration points to keep in mind to help make it as successful and as respectful as possible for the right final experience.

Tips for stress-free trade show shipping

Trade shows get complicated fast.  This is true for vendors and logistic companies when it comes to trade show shipping.  To help keep everything in its place and stress levels as low as possible, here are the considerations to keep in mind to help the operation go as smoothly as possible.

  • Book your logistics company in advance: To help you get everything all organized properly, you’ll want to book your logistics companies well in advance, as many book up quickly for trade shows and it can leave many last minute bookers in trouble. You can pick your date well in advance, so just book for when you’ll need your supplies moved.
  • Plan early and work with logistics in mind: When it comes to actually getting ready for shipping, you’ll want to plan everything out early and work specifically with logistics in mind when it comes to packing and even details like easy loading or unloading. The easier it is for logistics, the better it’ll be for those on both ends.
  • Provide accurate information on the trade show location and floor plan: Supplies can’t get to where they’re needed if it’s not clear where they’re actually needed. Try to provide accurate information on the trade show location as well as the floor plan to your logistics professionals.
  • Label everything clearly: Labeling is key. If anything, over label.  Make sure all labels are easy to read, easily accessible on all sides, and protected from the elements.  This is the best way to ensure that all things are loaded, transported and unloaded properly with nothing missing or, worse, delivered to the wrong booth!
  • Consider insurance: Most logistics options will consider insurance optional, but it can often help ease peace of mind to those who are looking at trade show shipping for the first time. Logistics companies are professional and respectful no matter whether you’re carrying insurance or not, of course, but it can help ease the worry.

Best practices bring the best results

On both sides, and in all ways, going by these best practices for trade show shipping is always going to bring about the best results for everyone.  It also shows professionalism and respect, too, which goes a long way to helping foster a long-term relationship.

These tips will help you prioritize the best practices for trade show shipping.  While they seem simple enough, you’d be surprised how many people ignore them and just do what they want, often leading to results that are unprofessional, unnecessarily stressful, and frustrating for those on both sides.  The rest is going to be all about getting ready for this big event!  That’s what this is all about, after all.

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