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January 26, 2021
How the FTL and LTL Driver Shortage is Impacting Freight Shipping
How the FTL and LTL Driver Shortage is Impacting Freight Shipping
June 2, 2021

How to Make all the Right Decisions When Shipping Engines and Performance Parts

How to Make all the Right Decisions When Shipping Engines and Performance Parts

Every industry requires its own strategies for shipping.  For the racing industry, there are unique challenges because, if your stuff gets damaged, you can’t race.  Here is a guide to help you in the decision-making process of shipping engines and performance parts.

Expedited Shipping Solutions

For freight that has to get to its destination quickly, expedited shipping is the best option since the timing tight.  For performance engines and parts, it is critical that they get to the track on time and expedited solutions can accommodate your needs.

Expedited shipping offers time-definite delivery for domestic and international destinations.  In order to fast-track the process, it typically deals with only one mode of transportation.  If the freight is being moved by trucks, then it is handled by a single truck, with multiple drivers who work in shifts to reduce transit time.

A Look at LTL Shipping

LTL (less than truckload) shipping is a good option when the freight is under 10,000 pounds and does not require a full truckload.  LTL is an alternative shipping strategy when affordability and capacity are the main considerations. But LTL takes longer and is not time-definite. And, if you are scheduled to race, LTL may not get there on time.

Less-than-truckload freight rates are lower than traditional full truckload freight since you are only using part of the truck.  Many companies find that they can get shipments out faster than waiting to fill an entire truck before the freight gets out.  By sharing a truck, your company is reducing transportation emissions and your carbon footprint.

Why Custom Crating is Important and Beneficial

Standard crates and pallets are good for some industries and specific goods that are not too big, heavy, or fragile. Engines often require custom crates that allow for them to be lowered into the unit and possibly a sling that suspends them.

Custom crating offers the opportunity to protect, transport, and store all the delicate and important pieces of the car.  The biggest benefit is that custom crating is more cost-effective overall.  Custom crates can be reused and have a longer life span. They also reduce transportation and storage costs as they are made to fit the products efficiently and are stackable.

Backups and How to Avoid Them

North American ports are still backed up and the congestion is having a ripple effect on supply logistics.  The backups are causing delays and service interruptions for both importing and exporting.  These effects can impact the performance industry, especially when shipping internationally.

Logistics leaders, like PPLUS, stay on top of the situation by providing logistics planning solutions and alternative freight options like airfreight to their clients.

PPLUS Has Solutions for Performance Shipping

PPLUS Global Logistics has shipping solutions such as premium transport and distribution services.  These solutions help our performance industry customers get their freight to the destination on time every time.  Our service involves specializing in time-sensitive domestic and international freight, including air, dedicated surface, time-definite, and temperature-controlled moves to satisfy all of our customers.  With over 75 years of combined experience, we find our customers a solution that is efficient and cost-effective.  Leverage their strategic partnerships and industry knowledge of your high-performance parts and engines with their turnkey shipping solutions.

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