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October 20, 2020
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November 16, 2020

4 Reasons Why TMS Is Critical for Your Business

4 Reasons Why TMS Is Critical for Your Business

Has your shipping been delayed because you forgot to schedule it?  Or perhaps you accidentally selected the wrong shipping service for your urgent packages?

A Transportation Management System (TMS) is an irreplaceable tool for navigating freight.  It specifically offers reliable and robust software solutions for your company.  There are many benefits of TMS that manufacturers, distribution companies, and anyone who ships freight realizes.  Here are the four reasons why your business will benefit from it.

What is a Transportation Management System?

A TMS helps companies move freight from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively.  It encompasses solutions for moving freight in all modes, including intermodal movements.  TMS processes include freight transported inbound or outbound, domestically or internally.

Operational Efficiency

With a consistent and functional TMS, your company can greatly increase operational efficiency and utilize all available resources to optimize every shipment.  TMS allows your company to easily find and book shipments, giving you access to carriers and the equipment to finish the job.  It also documents each shipment, giving valuable insights into the transportation process, cost, and success rate.

It allows you to analyze spending, operational gaps, inventory, and more.  By using these metrics, you can make data-driven decisions to improve cash flow and overall productivity.

Improved Customer Service

TMS can support your customer service efforts but giving you greater order fulfillment and control over the last steps of the delivery process.

By providing transparent and accessible tracking makes it easy to keep customers informed.  It also provides the option to efficiently consolidate shipments to make customers happy.

With the reporting capabilities, you can see what carriers get the product to the customers on time, so that you are not always having to run customer service interference.  Consistent on-time deliveries are something customers remember.

Optimize Delivering Capabilities

A robust TMS offers the ability for you to optimize the way you ship.  You can set up inbound programs between multiple locations within your organization, increasing overall efficiency and cost-savings.  A Transportation Management System allows you to create a master bill of lading and offers access within the system at any location.

Save Time and Money

With an improvement in operational efficiency, enhanced customer service will significantly result in cost savings.  TMS solutions can also drastically reduce the amount of manual labor and human error.

The system allows you to enter the origin and destination zip code, the commodity/product info, input any additional or accessorial services and get an accurate quote.  From there you choose from a list of carrier options with prices and transit times.

PPLUS Clients Benefit

PPLUS Global offers a free Transportation Management Software (TMS)- a single-source solution for your company’s logistic needs.  The TMS system specifically saves you time and helps you resolve most shipping problems.  Named one of the top 3 tools in the shipping and logistics industry, the “Travelocity for Freight”.  In addition, the system can be branded and customized for your company.  Contact PPLUS today and let us help you start using the software that will improve your company’s logistics.

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