Preparing Your Business for the Peak Shipping Season – Holiday Season
Preparing Your Business for the Peak Shipping Season – Holiday Season
September 22, 2020
5 Considerations for Choosing PPLUS for freight shipping
5 Considerations for Choosing PPLUS for Your Freight
October 9, 2020

Shipping Engines the Right Way

Shipping Engines the Right Way

Do you need to ship high-performance parts or engines?  PPLUS Global moves the Performance Industry coast to coast and around the world.  We noticed that the racing industry has a unique set of challenges that simply were not being addressed by any other logistics company in the marketplace.  Here is a detailed guide from the experts on shipping engines and parts the best way.

Performance Industry Challenges

Receiving that critical part, just in time for the next race can have a major impact on the success of a race team.  This is especially true when there are season-long point races and series championships at stake.

Racing teams around the world need to transport their high-performance vehicle parts and engines to different parts of the world.  They do this according to their racing schedule.  For them, it is imperative that those critical components gets there on time and quickly, which is why expedited solutions and performance shipping are a necessity.

Preparing Larger Products – Engines, and Chassis for Shipping

Proper packaging is the single most important factor in successfully shipping performance components.  For high-performance engines, transmissions, and anything that is delicate, crating is the only recommended method of packaging.  That way the top and sides are protected.

We highly encourage additional packaging. Crates designed for engines ensure that the engines and transmissions are packaged in the crates and secured to pallets.  All of these precautions reduce damage.  Firmly strap the engine and secure it inside.  There will be openings for dipsticks, so they can check that there are no fluids.  Engines, of course, must be drained of fluids before shipping.

Insurance for High-Performance Parts and Engines

When shipping high-performance engines and parts it is important to closely look at the insurance details.  Most insurance for freight is limited to new products unless specifically stated otherwise.  Be certain that the policy being offered ensures reconditioned parts.

Another important detail is the coverage considered “All Risk” or are you relying on the carriers’ own insurance?  Carriers generally limit their liability to 50 cents per pound, as stated in the fine print on their freight bill.  So that $100,000 of coverage they carry may not matter.  Also, the carrier’s insurance may not respond to your claim if the loss is something that is deemed outside of their control, such as flood, tornado, hurricane, or levee break.  For best protection, secure first-party “All Risk” cargo insurance and don’t jeopardize your financial fate on a carriers’ cargo liability insurance policy.

Does the coverage pay the additional costs to replace time-sensitive parts using expedited next-day delivery?  Buyers of performance engines and parts usually run up against tight deadlines and schedules.  A few days can mean the difference between being in or out of the race or not having that critical back-up part when you need it most.

Most policies pay for Cost + Insurance + Freight + an additional 10%.  In the performance world, you may have to pay an additional 30% or more to get that part in time for the race.  For a high-performance engine, that can add up to a lot of money.

PPLUS can help you with all risk insurance programs for your standard value, high value, and extraordinary value shipments that the carriers will not cover when damaged.

International Shipping Red Tape

Additional issues can multiply when shipping out of the country.  There are more restrictions on shipping over the borders.  These include regulatory bodies, understanding what can and cannot be shipped, how to ship it, and how to handle the paperwork so it is not held up.  They are all key to successful delivery.

Internationally, a large portion of the information will need to be communicated to the authorities to ensure a smooth transit. When shipping high-performance engines internationally, there are different regulations for different countries.  Don’t get your engine stuck in customs because of the wrong paperwork being filled out.  One wrong informational piece on paperwork will hold up the entire shipment.

Advanced Technology

PPLUS has a proprietary software program that helps anyone in any industry save money and time, whether they are knowledgeable or new to shipping logistics.  The Transportation Management System (TMS) is a single-source software solution for your logistics needs.  TMS provides real-time tracking, document printing, and the monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) through customizable reporting and more.  The actual shipping documents are stored in digital format within the database for compliance purposes.

Work With An Experienced Logistics Provider

The PPLUS team selects the best carrier, service, and overall solution.  PPLUS has 24-hour coverage to aid in the pickup and trackside delivery.  This is why they are the official logistics partner of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI).

Leverage their strategic partnerships and industry knowledge for shipping your engine and high-performance parts using their turnkey solutions.  Contact them today to customize a solution for your needs.

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