Actions for Reopening Business Shipping Post COVID-19
Actions for Reopening Business Shipping Post COVID-19
July 1, 2020
8 Tips to Avoid Shipping Glitches
8 Tips to Avoid Shipping Glitches
July 15, 2020

White Glove Service Builds a Better Experience for Customers

White Glove Service Builds a Better Experience for Customers

As a business, it is always best to set yourself apart from competitors by offering the best customer service experience.  The use of white glove service is an added level of assistance that is essential to moving large items and giving a customized experience for all purchases.  Here is a look at how adding white glove logistic services will add value to your business.

Last Mile and White-Glove

The last mile is where the goods from a transportation hub move to their final delivery destination.  The goal of the last mile delivery is to transport an item to its recipient in the quickest way possible.

White glove service is taking the last mile to the extra mile.  This extra is done by unpacking and placing the items in the home or office and taking the empty boxes out.

Standard Delivery Approach versus White Glove Approach

White glove strategies allow businesses to expand service levels when Less than Truckload (LTL) falls short.  Rethink your standard delivery approach.  A larger item needs to get inside your customers’ home, maybe installed, brought to another floor, and all of the debris that comes with it.

White glove applies to any item that requires extra care, such as valuable, fragile, climate-sensitive, expensive equipment.

LTL Is a Good Match for White Glove Services

Full Truckload (FTL) is not fully capable or prepared to handle the debris removal and hauling away.  However, LTL carriers are used to handling 10-15 shipments a day and spending time delivering items.  Which is why white glove services have been primarily adopted by LTL carriers.

Best Practices to Increase Customer Experience with White Glove Service

Businesses can improve the final mile with white-glove services by following these best practices.

  • Packaging – Reduce the risk of damage and adding to the safety of climate-controlled items stored in insulating materials. The packaging of the products makes a difference to ensure it arrives safely.
  • Security – Maintain strict security over items shipped with white-glove service, especially high-value items.
  • Timing – Work with customers to schedule the delivery times in order to risk missed deliveries. Ensure someone is at the delivery location before the truck heads out on the last mile.
  • Tracking – Offer advanced customer service with real-time tracking and automated notifications to pre-empt customer calls and inquiries. Tracking also helps with timing.
  • Partnerships – Establish partnerships with debris removal companies to streamline the process.
  • Sustainability – While this does not make the process smoother, it does increase your business’s reputation and values. Think about sustainability and recycling plastics and packaging from shipping for customers.

A Third-Party Logistics Provider Is A Resource Your Business Needs

It makes the most sense for your business to work with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) when coordinating white glove delivery service.  They have the ability to make the experience seamless for your customers as well as making it easy for you.  They understand how to help coordinate and follow the best practices when it comes to logistics.  At PPLUS, we have the experience and resources to get you the best, most cost-effective solution to meet all of your logistics needs.  Contact us today to talk about the shipping and logistics options we can help you with.

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