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February 26, 2020
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When is It Time to Work with a Logistics Provider?

Logistics Provider

As your business successfully grows, there becomes a time when you need to focus more on your core business and outsource the tasks that are not your core business and you just don’t have time or the staff.  Here are some signs that the time to work with a third-party logistics provider (3PL).

Investing in Additional Extras

When you have to start investing in more staff, overtime for current staff, software or technology, and possibly even more warehouse space, it is a sign.  If you are having to increase your spending on people or technology to accomplish your logistics needs, it is time to outsource.

A good third-party logistics provider already understands all of the logistics options available, even the ones that you may not be aware of.  They also know what rates you should be paying and constantly negotiate the best rates possible.

Increase in Paperwork

If you are still handling the billing, paperwork, audits, staffing, and training for logistics yourself, and you see how much valuable time that requires, it is a sign.  When you hire a good logistics service provider, it eliminates all of that hassle and they can optimize and improve the entire process.

Emerging into New Markets

If your business is expanding into new markets, it is a sign.  Whether the new market is a new country for you or a new region, your logistics needs are going to expand as well.  Having help navigating your shipments anywhere around the globe, successfully is critical.  You will want to be able to locate and track your shipments in the new market.  A third-party logistics service provider can do this easily for you and with their experience, manage all the regulations, especially in countries or regions that are new to you.

Supply Chains Have You Down?

If supply chain management is a stress in your business, it is a sign.  Ensuring the smooth running of complex supply chains with limited resources is a major undertaking.  This is a time to enlist the help of an experienced logistics partner.

How to Choose the Right Third-Party Logistics Provider?

You are probably thinking that it is time to hire a logistics provider, but not sure how to find the best one?  These are some tips for finding a top quality brand to work with.

  • Do they have the technology? – They should have a system that will get you what you need when you need it. Top 3PL providers will have a cloud hosted Transportation Management System (TMS) in place.  As a customer you will be able to access your shipping account and anything you need from it, anywhere with internet access.
  • Can they offer various transportation options? – Be sure that they can provide you with every transport option and logistics service that you could possibly need. AS time goes by, this will provide you with the variety of options needed to keep you running smoothly.
  • The Ability to Scale? – As your business grows so should the services that they provide. Can they scale their operations to fit your needs over time?
  • Reviews and Case Studies – Check out the reviews and what other customers have to say. Case studies will also showcase how they solve problems for their clients.

It is best to work with a company that specializes in shipping logistics and understands how to give you the most efficient and cost-effective solution for every shipping situation.  PPLUS Global is a leader with the resources to make your company shine with your customers, every time.

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