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Expedited Solutions for Performance Shipping and Racing Shipping

Performance Shipping

Racing teams around the world need to transport their high-performance vehicle parts and engines to different parts of the world.  They do this according to their racing schedule.  For them, it is imperative that the shipping gets there on time and quickly, which is why expedited solutions and performance shipping are a necessity.

Direct Route vs Chain Transport

PPLUS Global Logistics understands that by using direct routes of the shipping company instead of chain transport, it will get your performance and racing shipping on time.  It is one of the solutions they utilize for performance shipping.

Shipping automobiles and other automotive parts are different from shipping regular cargo.  Not only are these performance parts more expensive than most other types of cargo, but they also require special conditions for shipping.


High-performance engine shipping you can ship by pallet or crate.  For the most security, we’d recommend by crate with the engine firmly strapped and secured inside.  There will be openings for dipsticks, so they can check the fluids.  Engines, of course, must be drained of fluids before shipping.


At the core of the operation is communication.  It captures all the information and details for shipping high-performance engines.  It is not like shipping a regular package. Performance shipping needs to have the expertise, and with that, they will have a checklist to ensure hassle-free, secured delivery.

Internationally, a large portion of the information will need to be communicated to the authorities to ensure a smooth transit. When shipping high-performance engines internationally, there are different regulations for different countries.  Don’t get your engine stuck in customs because of the wrong paperwork being filled out.

Do They Offer Extra Services?

Depending upon your vehicle and equipment needs, you may also need to find out if the shipping company can offer you extra services.

If you need temperature-controlled technology for climate-controlled transport, you will need to ask if they can provide that option.

Insurance solutions for both ocean and air can help you protect your performance and racing equipment from the risk of loss.

Best in Class Service

PPLUS Global Logistics is the only company that has a team dedicated to Performance and Racing shipping.  They understand the importance of getting valuable components, even the car itself, to the track on time and in top condition.  If you have questions about an expedited solution for performance shipping, give them a call and receive the “best in class” service with an efficient and cost-effective system in place.

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