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White Glove Service in Global Logistics

Global Logistics

When you think of white glove service, it may have you reference fine dining.  That experience is similar in shipping and logistics.  White glove service is about receiving the high-end service whether it is a server or a global logistics team.

What is White Glove Service in Shipping?

White glove service is typically used to describe the level of service that you will receive.  Your products will get the best care and protection at every step from origin to destination.  It is a service that goes above and beyond expectations.  Your package will not be tossed in a truck and then tossed onto a doorstep when it reaches its destination.  They spare no expense when handling your cargo.  White glove service is about giving a flawless experience.  White Glove Services can be for B2B Shipments as well as B2C.

Preparing the Shipment

The start of white glove service is preparing the shipment.  Whether it is coordinating a climate-controlled trailer, liftgates, blanket-wrapping or specialty handling procedures, it is all handled.

Professional packaging is also a service that can be provided.  If you were shipping a piano, it takes extreme care and caution.  Pianos are awkward and highly sensitive to movement.  Professional wrapping and shipping are a necessity.  White glove service will handle all of your packing needs specifically for your cargo.


With white glove service, there is no guessing about timing.  There is a pickup time, arrival time, and all the slots of when the drivers will be tracking.

Another factor when a global logistics company is planning a shipment is the weather.  Adverse weather can affect ports, roads, and air routes.  Weather forecasts help to plan and execute.  This is a necessity in the preparation of your job.  Potential upcoming weather situations should be taken into consideration.

Sensitive Materials

If you are shipping sensitive items such as medical equipment, health and safety standards need to be adhered to as well.  It may require specialty services when shipping long distances or international.  Diagnostic tools need to be transported safely and quickly.

Pricing of White Glove Service

They base the price for white glove service in global logistics shipping on several factors.

Location – The price depends on the origin and destination of your shipment. International or Local Delivery.

Freight – Whether it is land, ocean, or air will affect the price.

Product Specifications – The weight, size, and shape are all determiners on the price.  Does the product require more labor or time?

Best in Class

White glove service includes the beginning, during, and after delivery.  It also includes contacting customers after the delivery to ensure that the entire experience was excellent.  PPLUS Global understands logistics and quality handling of your shipments.  They offer a full range of shipping services whether it is land, ocean or air.  With decades of experience in transportation and logistics they understand the importance of getting urgent, time sensitive, valuable freight to its destination.  “Best in Class” service every time.


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