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March 13, 2019
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March 20, 2019

All About Performance Shipping – Motorcycles

Performance Shipping

There are times when you might need to ship a motorcycle from one city (or country) to another. Performance shipping can seem like a challenging task if you have never done it.

But with the right global logistics company, even difficult processes can be handled smoothly.

Shipping something big and heavy like a motorcycle needs additional preparations that only a reputed shipping company can manage.

Shipping vehicles may not be the easiest process, but every day countless numbers of vehicles are shipped across the country and the world without any hassle. This is called performance shipping.

Total Execution

Performance Plus Global is an expert in shipping vehicles across the country and the world. No matter what kind of motorcycle you want to ship, Performance Plus Global is here to make it possible. But before you ship your motorcycle, you need to prepare it for shipping.

Please bear in mind that motorcycle shipping is usually more expensive than normal cargo. The charge is typically more if there is no other motorcycle being shipped at the same time to the same place.

Transportation with Acumen

Next, the motorcycle needs to be as secure as possible, and the best way to achieve that is by fixing it to a standing pallet.

The pallet and the motorcycle are then crated and further secured. Crating ensures safe handling of the vehicle as well as keeps dust and dirt from getting in.

There are several ways of performance shipping, two of them being crate and container. We have already talked about what a crate is. For further protection, the vehicle can be covered, insulated, or padded within the crate.

The material for the padding needs to be chosen with care, because certain coverings can trap moisture inside and damage the vehicle.

In many cases, a container can also be used to ship a motorcycle. In this method, the motorcycle is shipped in a small container, or it can be or palleted and braced inside a larger container along with other cargo.

During transit, the motorcycle is exposed to the maximum impact, therefore the mode of transit should provide proper protection against road impacts. Performance Plus Global uses air ride suspension instead of steel springs in the trucks.

The air bladder absorbs shock more efficiently and makes the ride smoother, preventing the cargo from impact. This method is for all heavy cargo, including vehicles like cars and motorcycles.

PPlus Global is a Titan in this Industry

When you choose this method of performance shipping, you don’t need to worry about road impact during transit, no matter how big or heavy your cargo is. PPlus Global is the global performance logistics company offering world class freight services to individuals and businesses.

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