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Proven Methods to Cut Overnight Engine Shipping Costs

Overnight engine shipping

Overnight engine shipping can be a costly affair since engines are fragile and heavy objects that need special care to be transported. This is more applicable to the smaller engine manufacturing businesses, which are constantly looking for ways to cut their overnight engine shipping costs.

The following ten ways help in trimming overnight engine shipping costs:

Negotiating with multiple shippers: All shippers have volume-based pricing schedules: The more a client ships, the lower is his rate. So, when you’re into overnight engine shipping, talk to multiple shippers, compare offered prices and further negotiate lower rates. Once they know there’s competition, they will lower their prices.

Consider regional carriers: These carriers often provide quality overnight engine shipping services like UPS or FedEx but at lower costs. However, their delivery networks may be limited. Moreover, your bargaining power could also get reduced if you happen to spread the business among many carriers.

Use the carrier’s packaging in overnight engine shipping: Using your own packaging for overnight engine shipping could lead to extra dimensional fees if the box exceeds regulations sizes. To avoid it, ask your carrier to do the packaging but without dimensional fees. This could help you cut your shipping costs by at least 15 percent.

Make use of online shipping: By paying for your shipping online, you save substantially on costs for the US Postal. The savings could range from 16 percent for priority orders and up to 60 percent for express mail. You also get a free pick-up and delivery confirmation after paying online at the post office.

Ask suppliers to make use of your shipping account number: Most businesses have vendors shipping goods to them and raising invoices for transport costs.

However, should they persuade their domestic vendors to send products on their company’s own shipping account number, they stand to gain in terms of increased shipping volume, not only leading to cheaper rates but also preventing vendors from padding up their shipping bills. This shipping requirement may be included in the purchase order.

Prepaid shipping: Since overnight engine shipping is expensive, prepaid shipping could get you discounts of up to 20 percent.

This implies buying a certain number of shipping labels and fixing them to the package as required rather than each individual package being sent out. Prepaid shipping is most effective when packages of the same weight are sent out repeatedly, and the shipping cost is known in advance.