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Transporting a Food Truck

Food truck

The food truck industry has seen a rapid rise in popularity. With that, we’ve seen the need to ship food trucks expand.

Even existing restaurants have started food truck off-shoots. The advantages of this are that they can expand their market into areas where owning a restaurant is impractical, or where maintaining a restaurant would be exorbitantly expensive. It’s also an effective and profitable way to expand brand awareness into new locations.

Whether food trucks make up your entire business or they’re a portion of your larger business, you’ll often need to transport new and previously owned food trucks. What is the best way to transport food trucks?

Auto Transport for Food Trucks

Driving them cross-country is inefficient. It puts a large amount of wear on the truck, meaning your new purchase will have to be repaired that much sooner. These aren’t trucks that are built for long-distance highway driving to begin with. They’re also generally not fuel efficient. This is fine since they’re not asked to drive much, but it does mean fuel costs for transport are disproportionately high.

The best way is to ship food trucks. You can easily get a quote from a reputable shipping company. You can even talk to one of our representatives here. When it comes to vehicles, we’ve shipped everything from trucks to antique automobiles, food trucks to golf carts. A food truck can fit in a shipping container and it’s very safe to transport this way. This helps avoid damage caused by road hazards and wear.

Take Your Time

Beware any shipping deal that’s “too good to be true.” Chances are it is. Shipping rates aren’t incredibly flexible, so most companies will be in the same ballpark. A company that gives you a rate that’s unbelievably low may be a fly-by-night operation that takes your money and leaves you in the lurch. Ensure that the shipping company you’re working with gives you a realistic rate. Instead of unrealistic savings, look for good service. Do they answer your questions? Are they willing to take time helping you understand the shipping process?

To transport a food truck safely may seem like a strange request to you, but it’s a fairly normal day for us. We’ve gotten far stranger requests, and we’re even able to work with companies in the food business when it comes to handling their logistics needs and supply lines.

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