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June 29, 2018
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July 6, 2018

Performance Plus Global Logistics Brings Innovation to Performance Engine Shipping

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The logistics industry designs specialized shipment services to address some unique requirements – this is their job, and some do it better than others. Certain sectors or industries need this type of services, and these services are not offered by general shipping companies. One of the major product categories in these specialized shipping services is none other performance engine shipping. The racing teams around the world need to transport their high-performance vehicle parts and engines to different parts of the world according to the racing event schedules.

Three factors become crucial in such services: expertise in handling those shipments, swift delivery, and secure shipping. Performance Plus Global Logistics, a leader in global logistics services based in Missouri, has some unique procedures in shipping the engines and offers some tips for everyone.

The Service

The race car shipping services of Performance Plus Global Logistics follow a specific set of procedures. For secure shipping and delivery of engines, the firm crates pallets or crates and uses either of them or combination of both to secure the engines for transport. The procedures set by the firm ensure that the engines are firmly strapped inside the crates or pallets. Though fluids inside the engines are generally drained before shipping, crates would leave openings for dipsticks to check any liquids inside.

Co-ordinated Service

The firm believes that the communication is the core of its operations. It captures every information and details when shipping high-performance engines as the firm understands that it is not like normal packages. Performance Plus Global Logistics has expertise in transporting high-performance, antique, specialty, and unique products and created different checklists for each of them to ensure hassle-free and secured delivery.

Especially considering international shipping, a large majority of this information to be communicated to the authorities to ensure a smooth transit. Since different countries have different regulations, paperwork associated with the shipments becomes easier by disclosing all the required information to the shipper.

The uniqueness of the Service of Performance Plus Global Logistics

When it comes to the auto shipping services of the firm, it even offers shipping services through air considering the urgency. Even if you need any temperature-controlled services based on the requirements, Performance Plus Global Logistics is quick to respond to your needs.

The firm also provides insurance solutions to your valuable goods, both ocean and air, and that can help you to protect your goods and assets including performance engines from any risk of loss. Altogether, Performance Plus Global Logistics offers unified, cost-efficient, unique, and time-sensitive transporting services to various industries based on their requirements.