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June 6, 2018
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Be Careful with Shipping These Valuables

We’re in the business of shipping, so we rarely want to tell you something shouldn’t be shipped. We always find a way to get something shipped. We’ve shipped expensive performance engines, antique cars, valuable cargo – there are many rare, complex, and even invaluable items that we will ship internationally with complete safety and security. Nonetheless, there are a few things you should be very careful shipping or try to avoid shipping entirely.


Individual Pieces of Jewelry

What about shipping jewelry? Inexpensive jewelry that you don’t hold much attachment to can be shipped in containers of household goods. Rare or valuable pieces of jewelry should be entrusted to specialized transport or transported personally. Shipping jewelry should be focused on the jewelry. It should use containers specific to securing the jewelry in question. Don’t simply chuck jewelry into a crate holding something larger. This is an easy way for it to get lost.



Shipping money raises a number of questions and is a sure way to get cargo held up by customs. Money can be transferred in other ways that are safer and more immediate. Typically, the only reason money is shipped is because someone doesn’t want the money to get noticed. Expect any shipping company to turn away a shipment of money unless under strict guidance of a financial institution.


Firearms and Ammunition

Different countries have very different laws regarding shipping firearms and ammunition. Many items may simply be banned from import. Every country has different customs protocol for incoming firearms. You can ship them from country to country, but you want to be sure to follow every law, and to triple-check your packing. You’d be surprised at the number of times someone has tried to ship a firearm that’s still loaded, or that is banned from import into the destination country.



There are very good reasons that plants are regulated. Invasive species can cause huge agricultural problems. Billions worldwide is lost by farmers every year because they must combat plants that aren’t natural to a certain part of the world, as well as plant diseases that are introduced by these plants. This includes both live plants and seeds. It even includes soil, due to dormant seeds and bacteria that might be present in it.


When you ship internationally, always ask us every question you need to know. Customs laws vary widely from country to country, and most regulations have a good reason for existing. Rely on our expertise and we can help guide you through the process.