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May 30, 2018
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June 4, 2018

Shipping for Landscaping Companies

Landscaping logistics can be a surprisingly busy field. Most people don’t realize just how much goods and equipment a regional landscaping company churns through.


The Challenges of Landscaping Logistics

While some of your supplies can be locally sourced, it’s often less expensive to buy in bulk and rely on shipping for landscaping companies. What you need here is an experienced contract logistics coordinator that can maintain your supply chain without bothering you about it.


Shipping for landscaping companies is actually one of the more challenging logistics fields for regional businesses. You deal with heavy machinery, with construction needs, and with regular maintenance. You also deal with fragile and perishable items that need a delicate touch and special attention.

Flexibility & Accountability

You could be shipping a landscape rake for a bulldozer one day and a collection of specialty flowers the next. You can’t just handle that through a regular shipping company. You need a contract logistics coordinator who knows your business and can directly manage unique and special requirements for you.


Regular shipping can leave you with delays, lost cargo, and unhappy customers because you’re not able to complete one phase of a job when you thought you would. That pushes back the next phase, and the next, and even if you do a great job, there’s still that scheduling snafu that wasn’t your fault yet leaves them frustrated and dissatisfied. Nothing’s worse than completing one of the best and most challenging jobs you’ve ever had, making it beautiful, artful, efficient, yet still having a dissatisfied business or homeowner upset because something was shipped late and that had a ripple effect on your schedule.


Free Up Focus for Your Strengths

You need to avoid this by utilizing landscaping logistics as a service that can specifically handle your unique shipping needs. Good contract logistics always has a Plan B, so that delays and added costs are minimized and rarely passed on to you. Let us take that headache so you don’t have to deal with it any longer.


It’s not discussed in depth very often, but you also need landscaping logistics to be transparent. You need documentation and reporting to make tax season easier, especially these days when so much about taxes is up in the air. Shipping for landscaping companies can be handled for you in a responsive manner. Let us take this burden from you so you can focus on your strengths. Shipping and logistics are our strengths.