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Logistics for Mechanics & Body Shops

If you’re a mechanic or run a body shop, solving your shipping problems can get frustrating. If a shipper disappoints you and delays, it’s on you to talk to the customer about why. It’s on you to handle the customer’s frustration, and that frustration’s legitimate because you feel it, too. You can’t pin a business so dependent on timing on a shipping company that can’t be relied upon. You need more experienced logistics for mechanics.


Handling More than Just Shipping


Logistics is more than just shipping. Shipping is simply the process of getting items from Location A to Location B. Logistics is about how to meet schedules, consolidate certain shipments to save you money, and establish supply lines that keep you equipped and stocked without fail. Logistics isn’t about solving one shipping problem now, it’s about establishing a reliable way of doing things that prevents shipping problems in the future.


Reliability & the Local Mechanic


This is especially crucial for independent and local mechanics, who are relied upon by their community because of their service and reliability. A dealership’s garage can have a rough patch and recover because they have a base of business that will always come in. If you have a patch where you can’t come through for your customers, that can result in your business losing those customers for good. There’s not a whole lot of room for error and becoming more efficient in your logistics is the best way to cut down on that risk.


Implement Your Own Logistics Strategy


Logistics for mechanics means that where you might not be able to invest in dedicated logistics staff, you can rely on a logistics service. Performance Plus Global works with many companies and businesses. Our shipping company often fills a role in logistics coordination that a local company is unable to fulfill themselves. You have limited resources, but because we work with so many, our resources and expertise is considerable.


We’re Experienced


Performance Plus Global has a specialty in this area because we ship high performance racing parts. Engines need to get to their destination in pristine shape. The timing also needs to be exact. Miss by a day and you can cost someone their race. This dedication to precise scheduling and responsible handling puts us ahead of the curve when it comes to running logistics for mechanics.