Shipping for Small Businesses and Major Suppliers Alike
April 2, 2018
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April 6, 2018

Advantages of a Shipping Company over the USPS

The heavier something is, the more expensive it is to ship via the United States Postal Service. This happens very quickly. Essentially, parity between private shipping and shipping via the USPS happens at 2 lbs.


Shipping Heavy Packages


This means the USPS is still the leader when it comes to shipping letters and small packages. Anything significantly under 2 lbs. is best shipped with them. However, most of the items you’ll be shipping for business weigh significantly more than 2 lbs.


Furthermore, you’ll likely need access to expedited shipping options. Again, this is a place where working with a shipping company surpasses performance by the USPS. This still means the USPS has an important role for many business needs, such as advertisements, billing, and communications.


Remote Locations


For the actual shipping of product, working with a shipping company far surpasses the other options available. You’ll have both better range and pricing when shipping heavy packages and items. You’ll have better and more timely geographical reach as well. The more remote a customer, the more advantageous using a shipping company is. What you ship is less likely to be delayed or lost because of remoteness or distance.


Tracking & Flexibility


Your tracking tools will also tend to be more dynamic, as will the ability to re-route in the case of an unexpected event such as a blizzard that limits routes out of an airport. This leads us to our next advantage:


Communication will be better with a shipping company. If an event creates a delay, there are options to re-route or change up the transport chain to make up lost time. The USPS simply treats a delay as a delay, rather than a problem for which a solution can be found.


The USPS still plays a vital role in our world, but for shipping heavy packages, expedited shipping, tracking, flexibility, and communication, a shipping company is far more likely to meet the needs your business has.