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December 1, 2017
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Tips for Snowbirds Shipping a Car South
December 6, 2017

What Should Snowbirds Ship for the Winter?

snowbirds ship

snowbirds shipWarm temperatures have stuck around parts of the north for an abnormally long time this year, but that’s finally starting to change. Snowbirds are preparing to head south for the winter and a big question on their minds is, what should snowbirds ship for the winter?


Anything you can pack, you should pack. If there’s something you can’t carry on the plane, because of size, amount, or restrictions, you should ship it. Anything medical that you can move with you (including medications, CPAP machines for sleep apnea, etc.) should go with you or at most, shipped overnight. This way you won’t have to worry about not having access to important medicines or medical tools you need in order to be safe and comfortable.


You’ll have to ship something. Packing a few things for a weekend is different than going somewhere for several months. The most practical answer is this. For things you can’t pack, ship the things that you’re going to use and don’t have alternatives where you’re going.

This means that it may be impractical to ship furniture. If you’re staying someplace for several months, chances are it has furniture already or you can easily procure furniture. If you want to ship something very personal, this makes sense, but if your need is for basic pieces, it can be just as easy to get them where you’re going than to ship them there.

Moving a Car

Shipping a car south is different. It’s not exactly easy or inexpensive to get a car for months on end. You can have the car driven down for you, although this exposes it to road wear that will require maintenance and expose it to damage. Shipping a car south is far safer, and you can get the car more immediately in most circumstances.

When moving a car south, it’s protected and either rolled-on, crated, or trailered depending on the needs you have for protection. Moving a car that’s a performance model or an antique is a specialty of ours and we pride ourselves and handling these cars with expertise and care that can’t be found everywhere.

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