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Protect Your Car When Shipping Overseas

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We’ll treat your car as well as it can possibly be treated when shipping your car overseas. So why would we still recommend that you take steps to protect your car when it’s shipped? There are certain things you can do to ensure it’s even safer. There are other things you can do that hold us accountable. We have faith in our ability to transport your car safely and efficiently, yet that’s no reason to hide things you can do to protect yourself and ensure the safest transport possible.

Container vs. Roll-on/Roll-off

When shipping your car, we’d highly recommend using a container. You can ship via roll-on/roll-off shipping safely, but the container gives you extra peace of mind and protection. Luxury cars, high-end models, classics, and antiques should always be given that extra layer of protection.

Your car will change hands one of two ways. If you’re using roll-on/roll-off, you can drive it to a designated area at or near the port in question. If you’re loading it into container, we’ll provide overland transport for you.

Empty Your Car

Car shipping means loose items in the car can and will shift during transport. This can cause damage and breakage inside the vehicle. We don’t want to see this, so when we transport your car, there are circumstances where we won’t take it until its emptied.

This doesn’t mean securing your items inside your car. They can still move around. It’s much more efficient to ship them in conjunction as palletized or crated cargo.

Photograph Your Car

Before your car changes hands, photograph it from multiple angles. This way, you can document its condition before anyone else handles it. We provide shipping insurance for you, and this documentation can help you in the rare event that something happens and a claim is needed. You should, however, purchase freight insurance for the actual value of the car. We offer a per pound limited liability policy, as every shipper does, but you can purchase a comprehensive policy to better protect your interests.

Not many people think of photographing their car before transport, and that’s something we’d like to see change. It’s rare that any damage occurs, but protecting yourself is easy – so why wouldn’t you?

Shipping your car doesn’t have to be a headache. We can walk you through these and other preparations you’ll want to take. This ensures that your property is safe and we’re in complete communication with you about transporting your car.

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