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November 4, 2017
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Can You Ship a Golf Cart or ATV

Merzouga, Morocco - February 24, 2016: convoy of off-road vehicles (RZR, Quad and motorbikes) in Morocco desert near Merzouga. Merzouga is famous for its dunes, the highest in Morocco.

Any vehicle can be shipped, including golf carts and ATVs. When searching online for vehicle shipment, most of what you’ll find will relate to cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This doesn’t mean that other vehicles can’t be shipped. While you may not find as much information about shipping golf carts and ATVs, these are actually much simpler to ship than full-size cars and pick-up trucks.

Ship Golf Carts Worldwide

We recognize that both vehicles are part of large markets. Beyond golf courses, hunting clubs and camping grounds often feature large numbers of golf carts, as well as ATVs. Retirement communities may feature thousands of golf carts owned by their residents or managed by the development itself. This means that you need to know the ins and outs of shipping these vehicles.

In fact, we can even ship golf carts and ATVs in large numbers for dealers. We’ll typically ask these kind of vehicles be secured to pallets and then crated. Securing them means they won’t shift around during transit, and pallets give them a wide base on the ground. The crates will afford them even more stability as well as outside protection. We can pick up at a business or even at a home location.

Preparations for Shipping Golf Carts

Make sure the vehicle is cleaned first, so that grit or dirt won’t damage it in transit. We also recommend removing accessories and shipping these separately, as they can come loose and cause damage if they do. Take images or video of your vehicle before shipping, as an added precaution. This helps document the condition of your vehicle. It’s rare that any damage occurs via shipping, but it helps protect you nonetheless.

These are just quick details. If you have questions about how to ship golf carts or ATVs, we’re happy to provide answers. We ship vehicles of all kinds, and work to maintain a swift and safe process.

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