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November 10, 2017
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How to Pack Antique Glassware

antique glassware

antique glasswareWhen you ship antique glassware, you can be biting your fingernails the entire time. You’re shipping rare objects that have survived from bygone eras. They’re breakable, they’re fragile, they need to be handled with caution and care. Half of the solution to resting easy when you ship antique glassware is to find the right shipping company. PPlus Global ships antiques of all varieties around the entire world. We take pride in specializing with antiques.

The other half of this equation is how you pack antique glassware. When you ship antique glassware, it has to be packed in very particular ways. Whether you’re shipping one piece or a hundred, make sure you do each of these steps to ensure your glassware is well protected on its journey.

  1. Handles and other extended features that may break off should be secured in bubble wrap. Use packing tape to secure it. Packing tape is durable, but easier to break without damaging the item than shipping tape.
  2. Wrap the entire item in bubble wrap and secure it. Make sure all angles are protected, but that it’s easy to unwrap so that it’s not damaged by the recipient.
  3. Pack antique glassware that’s been wrapped within an “inner box,” which should be close in size to the item. Pack the box around the object so that the item won’t shift or rattle back and forth. Close and tape the inner box (this can be done with shipping tape).
  4. Place the inner box in a larger “outer box,” surrounding the inner box with packing or padding. Think three-dimensionally – pack above and below the inner box as well.
  5. Alternately, an inner box can be packed in a crate instead of an outer box. A crate is more durable and will afford added protection.
  6. Before you close the outer box or the crate, include your invoice, business card, or a slip with a return address inside.
  7. Seal the outer box or crate. If using a box, use shipping tape this time. It will hold up better to being handled.
  8. Label with return address. Voila! Your glassware is safely protected and ready to ship.