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February 9, 2015
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September 21, 2015

Guarantee Service Policy

Guarantee Service Policy

Based upon individual carrier criteria factoring weather and/or uncontrollable service
issues and circumstances.

A minimum charge of $200 or 50% (whichever is greater) would then be assessed.

To qualify for a credit due to a service failure, you must notify PPLUS of the service failure
and request credit of your transportation charges within 15 days of the invoice date.

Only one credit is permitted per shipment.

A credit will not be given for shipments delayed due to incorrect addresses or to the
unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery, whether or not the shipment is
returned to the shipper, or sign for the package, or due to any other causes.

This policy applies only to transportation charges and does not apply to duties, taxes or
other charges, including ancillary service fees. The policy does not apply in the event
of other customs or regulatory delays.

Holidays in international locations will affect our transit times. Contact a PPLUS
Customer Service Representative for information on delivery commitments that may be
affected due to the observance of these holidays. Deliveries normally scheduled to be
made on the day of holiday observance will be rescheduled for delivery on the next
business day. The delivery commitment for application of the policy will be extended
for a period equal to the length of the holiday.

There are no delivery commitments for shipments on which the credit is suspended.