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DHL Small Package Program: The Benefits


Do you have urgent time sensitive goods that need to be shipped?  International shipping causing you headaches and stress?  When your company’s revenue is based on international performance shipping, finding a quality solution is critical like DHL.

Global small and medium businesses account for 94.4% of U.S. imports and exports by volume.  These businesses attributed 26% of their revenue growth to international sales.  Which makes finding a shipping program that will aid your business critical.

PPLUS Global is proud to announce that it has the solution for their client’s international performance shipping needs.

Benefits of Using DHL

As a business owner, you will have your own account through DHL.  This will give you the convenience of tracking your packages.  The account will give you access to all the services that DHL offers, including online quoting.  You will get enormous discounts on services and have continuous live tracking.  You will be able to keep your business deliveries consistent and expand in your marketplace.

The biggest perk with the program is that it offers massive discounts on services, while still getting your urgent time-sensitive shipment to its destination.  DHL Express Worldwide is a true global service to begin with.  So, the program will make it even more cost effective for your bottom line.

Grow Your Business with Ease

Growing a business across international borders and get into emerging markets is stressful.   So why not get into the DHL Small Business Program with PPLUS Global?  PPLUS Global is a global logistics leader that will customize a solution.  With over 50 years’ experience in the transportation and logistics industry.  Get your urgent time-sensitive freight to its destination on time and save money.  Contact them today about this exclusive program.

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