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Essential Guide to Packaging Large Items for DHL Discount Shipping

DHL Discount Shipping

DHL discount shipping services may have a stricter set of requirements than you are used to. International shipments are handled by a wide network of people, aircrafts, and conveyors. It’s ultimately up to the sender to make sure that appropriate packaging is used. This guide addresses a number of points that are critical to shipping large items through DHL.

Assess Your Needs

Good quality packaging is a critical part of protecting items from damage. The first step is to assess your shipping needs. Below are some key areas that will affect the process.

  • Weight – the box should be able to appropriately hold the weight of content being shipped.
  • Fragility – add a label for special handling, and extra padding for breakables and fragile items.
  • Regulations – packaging regulations vary from country to country

Pack Your Item

You can get a variety of packaging supplies directly from DHL to package your materials, but if you are planning on using your own materials there are a few general guidelines you can follow.

Choose proper materials for parcels – avoid reusing boxes and use material that is strong enough to support the weight of the item. Weight and size are very important factors. Underfilled boxes can cause rips and tears during shipment.

Seal Your Item

A proper seal will help you protect your package while it’s in transit. The adhesive, and how you choose to seal your package will make a difference in protecting your item from exposure and damage while it’s in route.

You can ship a parcel thousands of miles across the globe with DHL shipping. If you are interested in learning about discount DHL shipping services provided by PPLUS, contact us for a free consultation.

Label Your Item

It’s important to display your shipping label clearly to guarantee that your item(s) will move speedily through DHL’s network. Below are a few key points to consider.

  • Special handling labels need to be applied by the shipper. These include This Way Up instructions, Fragile, Keep Dry, and Handle with Care.
  • Put your shipment label on the top of the box. This will help DHL employees to keep that side up. Make sure that the label is not covered up by any other paperwork or stickers.

It isn’t recommended to reuse a box, but if you do, make sure that you have removed all of the old labels before shipping to avoid confusion. If there are other labels that must be applied to your package, avoid putting them on the same surface as the shipment label.

Wrapping Up

The first step is to assess the packaging and size to see if there are any special requirements for international shipping. If you are having trouble accessing your packaging needs, or you just need a professional to ensure everything goes smoothly, contact us today and find out about our DHL discount shipping services.

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