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February 2, 2018
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February 7, 2018

Food Businesses Need a Good Shipping Partner

Businesses that ship food need a reliable shipping partner. Food orders are a lot more unpredictable than regular supply shipping. They’ll vary widely week to week and month to month. That means your shipping partner needs to be flexible and focused. They need to respond to you quickly and have the resources to adapt to changing needs.


Finding a Good Shipping Partner


A large shipping company often won’t give you this attention. They can afford for you to fall through the cracks. The communication will be lacking. Yet a small shipping company won’t have the global reach or access to resources that gives you the options you need. They won’t be flexible enough.


A shipping company with global reach and a focus in working with the unique products and changing needs of specialty businesses is ideal. This is what PPlus Global strives toward. Much of our foundational shipping business comes from working with small and medium-sized businesses that need one-on-one communication as well as the flexibility of a well-resourced shipping partner.


A shipping company like ours can in large part serve as your shipping specialist. Many small and medium-sized companies don’t have the ability to hire someone who focuses solely on shipping. That’s where our expertise can help fill that skill gap.


Let Us Do the Work that Frustrates You


If you’re dealing with bulk orders to restaurants, stores, or markets, we can often figure out a reduced price. If you’re dealing with small orders to individual customers, then you’re often balancing speed of delivery against weight of the package – an extra day can double the amount of dry ice you use.

You don’t necessarily have someone who can spend half their day doing the math when you need to be preparing food, managing your own supplies, and running your business. By taking that weight off your shoulders, you can make your business more efficient by trusting a reliable shipping partner to ship food in a responsible and cost-effective manner.