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December 4, 2017
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Tips for Snowbirds Shipping a Car South

Snowbirds Shipping

Snowbirds ShippingSnowbirds traveling to Florida and other destinations in the South want to get away from the cold for the winter. The normal stay is about 3 to 6 months. If you’ve done this before and you’re shipping a car south, you may have run into a delay or been frustrated with a price. Here are some tips as to how to get the best price and the most timely shipping.

When Should I Ship My Car?

Time it with the the estimated arrival for shipping. If shipping your car south takes 3 days, it should be prepared and available to ship 3 days beforehand. You want your arrival and your car’s arrival to coincide closely. You can be politely demanding about knowing the schedule so that you can make yours. We work with shipping performance and antique cars all the time, as well as a variety of other cars. This means we work to be accurate and accommodating with our schedules.

When Should I Book My Shipping?

This can be more variable. If you want to get it out of the way, you can just book it and be done with it. Waiting until a few days before you want to ship may get you better prices. Working with a particular company that specializes in moving cars can be helpful. We (and others like us) go an extra mile because we focus so much on shipping cars, and that means we can be more responsible to what people need to know when shipping them.

Avoid Surprisingly Low Rates

There are good, low rates out there, yet this can sometimes be like waiting for whatever flight has space. Companies that lowball do so because they know they can delay shipment on lower rates and focus on the higher rates. In other words, that lowball price may indicate a hierarchy in terms of what they ship when, and you may be putting your car at the bottom of it.